Best Head Tennis Racquets Of 2017

Head is one of the most recognizable brands of tennis racquets around the world. The brand is used by famous players such as Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova and other top athletes. Head has been around since the 1950s, and was founded by the aeronautical engineer Howard Head. Howard’s company was one of the first to start using aluminium in the frames and other parts of the tennis racquet that we use today.

Head is now a leader in tennis equipment, and in 2011 the company endorsed three different Grand Slam winners in a single year. The company is most known for using graphene as a component of their frames, along with aluminium. Graphene is used because it is both durable and lightweight.

The company was also responsible for introducing a range of grips that has revolutionized how long tennis players can stray on the courts for, as well as their level of fatigue between games. Special materials are used in the grips of the Head tennis racquets that can ensure the user’s comfort and protection from injuries. These innovations in grips are mostly absent from most other brands, which is why Head is one of the leading manufacturers of tennis racquets around the world.

If you are curious about what the best Head tennis racquets are to purchase, then you have come to the right place. We have researched Head’s product line and have come up with the best racquets of 2017 as part of the company’s Prestige, Radical, Speed, Instinct, and Extreme models. Each model has different strengths and features that will influence how you play the game of tennis, so it’s well worth to research each model beforehand so you know what you’re buying. A secondary source of information can come from the users of the racquets themselves, which is why we have included links to Amazon for you to review them.


How To Choose The Best Head Tennis Racquet

One of the downsides to the enormous amount of Head tennis racquets that are on the market is deciding on a certain model. Not only is there more choice than ever before, the sheer amount of features and benefits of every racquet can make it hard to know where to start looking.

A good starting point for deciding between the different models offered by Head is to consider your play style and level of experience. New players should opt for a lighter frame, as well as features such as shock dampening technology. Advanced players should look for something heavier as this will give them more power and dominance on the courts. Intermediate players should opt for something that’s middle of road in terms of weight and power, as well as model that will stretch their capabilities to their limits.
Your play style should also be taken into consideration when choosing between the different Head tennis racquets.


Head Tennis Racquets for Aggressive Players

  • Opt for a racquet that is durable and lightweight: racquets with graphite or aluminium frames are great for this.
  • Look for features such as shock absorption technology, as this can make the world of difference in making quick, punchy plays.
  • Find a Head racquet that gives you the best in terms of performance and versatility.

For Defensive Players

  • If you have a more reactive style of playing tennis, then choose a model that is heavier, as sturdy racquets are great for catching your opponent off guard.
  • Shock absorption isn’t as important for defensive players as aggressive players, but you will still need a something with a good head size and tight string configuration for consistent play.

If you are in doubt about your own play style, or if you are just a beginner learning how to play, then it is advisable that you go to your nearest sports store and try out the racquets for yourself. It is especially important that the Head racquet you choose feels good and fits nicely in your hands. It can be tempting to go for the premium models without first considering your style of play, or if prolonged use of the racquet will lead to injuries of your wrists or hands.

There is a Head racquet that is suitable for just about everyone that plays tennis, so we’re sure that you will find something that matches your requirements exactly.

The Best Head Tennis Racquets of 2017

Now that you have a fair idea of what racquet are recommended for your experience level and play style, now is the time to go over the best Head tennis racquets of this year. A considerable amount of time has gone into making this list as comprehensive as possible.

The models that can be seen below were chosen due to their numerous positive reviews and sales on Amazon. Be sure to check out the reviews carefully before buying as the feedback from verified purchasers can be a great indication if a particular racquet is right for you.

Head Youtek Graphene Instinct MP Tennis Racquet

best head tennis racquet

head tennis racket

The Instinct MP tennis racquet has been carefully optimized for tennis players of all skill levels and play styles. This model is known to deliver a rapid stroke speed, resulting in powerful ground strokes that are effective at catching your opponent off guard.

This racquet weighs only eleven ounces and is made from graphene. There is no excess weight with this model, which makes it ideal for accurately responding to your opponent’s plays. The 16×9 string pattern adds a good amount of topspin and power to your ground strokes, which means that the Instinct MP is a versatile option for all skill levels.

Famous players of this racquet include Maria Sharapova and Marin Cilic.

Head Youtek Prestige Pro Tennis Racquet

head prestige pro racquet

head tennis

The Youtek Prestige Pro by Head offers players a higher responsiveness on the courts than its Prestige Mid and Midplus counterparts. The lightweight frame and versatile nature of the racquet means that it is suitable for beginners.

Head’s Prestige Pro features an open 16×19 string pattern, which results in an added spin. Another feature is that the racquet has an increased sweet spot size to make hitting the ball easier, as well as making it better to handle.

Although the frame of the racquet is lightweight and suitable for young people to use, it is still a powerful weapon in the right hands. The racquet feels stable, and its customized netting makes power and touch volleys a simple task.

Overall, the Prestige Pro is an exciting option for anyone who wants to add an extra dimension to their game.

Head Youtek IG Radical Midplus Tennis Racquet

head youtek ig radical

head racquet

The Midpus range of tennis racquets by Head are widely considered to be the most versatile of all from the company. The Radical Midplus offers the perfect synergy between mobility and power, which makes it great for intermediate players that are stepping up their game.

The Radical Midplus racquet features a tight 18×20 string pattern, allowing you to keep your shots in the court with astonishing accuracy. The lightweight design gives beginners and intermediates the manoeuverability they need to respond to the opponents plays as well.

The biggest compliment that the Radical Midplus received was due to how easy it is to handle by even beginners, as well as its stability control technology.

In summary, this great looking racquet gives the user the best of both worlds in terms of power and control, whilst also providing access to power, pace, and spin when required.


That concludes our list for the best tennis racquets offered by Head for this year. We hoped that you found this list useful and informative. However, you still may be left wondering what racquet will suit your needs the best, especially when there’s still so many tennis racquets that are made by Head to choose from.

As stated previously, a beginner should opt for something lightweight and portable, whilst still allowing for their game to improve. The good news is that most of the tennis racquets made by Head are constructed from graphene, which is known to be both sturdy and lightweight. This makes it easy for the beginner: pick virtually any racquet besides the Oversize models and you will be in good shape to improve your tennis game.

Intermediate players should choose something similar to the Youtek Midplus as these racquets are flexible in terms of power and control. The Midplus range is a middle of the road option and these racquets lean more towards giving the user an extra kick in performance over stability. Advanced players should aim for something a bit heavier, as well as a model that has experimental features to give them an edge over their competitors.

We have done our best to include reviews that you can read about each racquet, as well as their relative performance to others on the market. For a more in-depth analysis, you can always check out each individual racquet’s Amazon description page to get a feel for what racquet will be right for you.