Tennis racket, balls, bag and shoes

All Gear & Equipment a Serious Tennis Player Needs

Tennis is a tough game to get good at. It depends on your natural talent, of course, but it also requires an enormous amount of hard work and dedication. You have to train HARD and practice OFTEN.

To reach the pinnacle of your powers you will also need the right gear and equipment.

There are various things you need and some that you could do without but having them may be the difference between becoming a good player to being a great player.

Here is a list of all the gear and equipment you should have with links to our buyers guides:

1. Tennis Racquets

You won’t get far without a racquet!

Best Tennis Racquets in the World (2019 Reviews & Comparison)

2. Tennis Balls

Best Tennis Balls Brands For 2019 (Reviews and Comparison)

3. Tennis Ball Machines

6 Best Tennis Ball Machines For Practicing Your Game

4. Tennis Strings

The Best Tennis Strings Reviews & Comparison

5. A Tennis Bag

Best Tennis Bag Reviews & Guide [2019 edition]