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Endorsed by the legendary Rafael Nadal, the Babolat Pure Aero is one of the most popular racquets on the market.

The racquet is user-friendly, spin-friendly, powerful, customizable, and comes with maximum stability for control on the court. Also, the Pure Aero is fun to play with and will help you take your tennis game to the next level.

If you’d like to know more about the Babolat Pure Aero and its qualities, keep reading!

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Technical Details

The technical details of the Pure Aero are fairly straightforward. The racquet is a standard length and boasts a large head size of 100 square inches.

When strung, it weighs 11.3 oz. and is four points head light balance which is popular.

The 326g swing weight helps to generate a powerful shot while the 69 RA stiffness makes it suitable for all players.

Contact time with the ball is increased by the 16×19 string pattern and the grommet holes, while the durable string bed results in maximum stability on the court.

The Good

Like all tennis racquets, the Babolat Pure Aero has some good points and some not-so-good points. Below, we explore some of its top features.

+ Heavy Swing

When used properly, the Pure Aero can generate a brutal power and spin combo. The level of stability is impressive with a plow through and incredible comfort.

Compared to other Babolat racquets like the Babolat Pure Drive, 2017 Pure Drive, and the Babolat Pure Strike, the Pure Aero swings slightly heavier. Interestingly, the heavier swing is a good thing as it results in more power when striking the ball.

+ Active Cortex Technology

Racquet manufacturers often struggle to reduce vibration when hitting the ball. However, the addition of Active Cortex Technology makes this a breeze for the Pure Aero.

Nearly all of the Babolat racquets have the technology integrated into the frame to reduce all kinds of shocks and vibrations when contact is made with the ball.

With fewer vibrations, you can achieve a cleaner strike with more stability.

Additionally, it will reduce arm fatigue when playing for long periods.

+ FSI Spin

The Pure Aero also boasts Frame String Interaction Spin or FSI Spin for short. This gives the racquet a more natural movement and results in cleaner hits. It also creates more space between the crosses.

This additional space increases contact time and allows you to achieve more energy and power with each shot. The larger space also achieves a natural, yet intense, spinning to catch out your opponent and help you win.

+ Aero Modular 2 Technology

One thing you notice about the Pure Aero is the shape of the shaft, throat, and head of the racquet. This unique design pattern reduces wind drag while simultaneously increasing swing speed.

This allows you to hit the ball with speed and strike it with greater power than a standard racquet. Better still, the durable design proves to be lethal when serving those volleys.

When on the attack, the racquet feels durable and solid and provides a more accurate strike.

+ Comfort and Control

Compared with similar racquets on the market, the Pure Aero provides a high level of comfort. The handle is padded and boasts shock absorbing qualities to provide a comfortable feel when swinging and striking the ball.

As well as being nice on your hands, the increased comfort provides superior control on the court. Additionally, the large head size adds weight to the racquet, resulting in a heavier swing and more energy transfer.

Another thing that adds to the comfort is the FSI string. Providing a natural yet effective topspin, it allows you to smash the ball with more power and precision than ever before.

The racquet is also strung with high-quality string by the USRSA Master Racquet Technicians – another bonus!

The Bad

Like all tennis racquets, the Pure Aero has a few drawbacks. Below we explore a couple that we have noticed.

– Not for Non-Power Hitters

Unfortunately, the Babolat Pure Aero isn’t suitable for non-power hitters. The construction of the racquet is tailored specially for power hitters, so less aggressive players won’t get the most out of the racquet.

– Price

Compared with other racquets on the market, the Babolat Pure Aero is quite pricey. However, when you consider all the features it boasts, it’s pretty good value for money. The racquet also comes with a handy tennis bag to transport it in which could save you money in the long run.

– Material & Construction

The Pure Aero boasts an aerodynamic frame for the ultimate tennis experience. With a fairly big head, the racquet is definitely on the heavier side; however, this provides increased power and stability when striking the ball.

The string bed boasts FSI Spin Technology for better control and increased contact time with the ball. The best thing about the racquet is probably the cortex technology. Dampening the shocks and vibrations, the system provides a soft feel when hitting the ball.

Overall Performance

Overall, the Babolat Pure Aero provides the perfect balance of power and spin. Despite the explosive power it generates, the racquet still has maneuverability for a solid response and a comfortable playing experience.

Who is it for?

While this racquet can be used by all players, the features are tailored towards intermediate and pro-level tennis athletes. The sturdy string bed generates extra topspin and extreme power for the best user experience.


If you’re an intermediate or advanced tennis player with a powerful strike, you’ll get along well with the Babolat Pure Aero. With several innovative features including FSI Spin and Active Cortex Technology, the racquet is certainly up there with the best on the market.



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