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The Lobster Elite Freedom is a mid-level tennis ball machine. Like all of the Lobster range, the Elite Freedom is lightweight, portable and comes with a range of advanced features.

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The battery-operated launcher is designed to offer maximum durability whilst still being light enough to transport to and from the court.

Offering great value for money, the Elite Freedom provides outstanding performance for an affordable price tag. If you want to know more have a read of my Lobster Elite Freedom review.

Technical Details

Weighing just 35 pounds, the Elite Freedom is one of the lightest tennis ball machines on the market. Despite its light weight, the launcher is strong and hard-wearing, so you don’t need to worry about damaging it during transport.

Like the other machines in the Elite series, the Freedom is mounted onto two large wheels for easy movement around the court.

The launcher features a standard hopper with a ball capacity of 150 tennis balls. This keeps the machine lightweight while still providing ample playing time before needing to refill.

This tennis ball machine is battery powered and has a backup time of between 2 and 4 hours. A premium 3-Amp fast charger is included with the machine, so you don’t have to worry about forking out more cash.

This ball machine is similar to the Elite 1 but has a couple of more advanced features. One of the best and most challenging features is the corner-to-corner sweeps that help to improve your lateral movements.

As most of the settings are customizable, the Elite Freedom is suitable for all types of tennis players. It offers random and horizontal oscillation and can fire out tennis balls at speeds from 10 to 70mph.

Like the Lobster Elite One and the Lobster Elite Two and Lobster Elite Three, the Elite Freedom has a feed rate of 2 to 12 seconds. While it doesn’t offer any spin on the ball, you can manually adjust the elevation from between 0 and 50 degrees.

The Good

Here are some of the reasons to buy the Lobster Elite Freedom tennis ball machine.

+ Speed

The machine is capable at shooting the ball at a speed range of 10 and 70 mph. This makes the launcher suitable for all players, regardless of your ability or training requirements. If you’re a beginner tennis player, you can start with a speed of 10 and progress to 35 mph. Intermediate players should opt for between 30 and 50 mph while pro-level tennis athletes should start at 45 mph and go as high as 70.

+ Feed Rate

Feed rate is one of the most important features in a tennis ball launcher. Thankfully, the Lobster Elite Freedom can go as low as 2 seconds to as high as 10, making it suitable for all types of player. If you’re just starting with tennis, begin at 10 seconds and speed up as necessary.

+ Battery Powered

The Lobster Elite Freedom is battery powered and comes with a rechargeable battery pack. When fully charged, the battery will last somewhere between 2 and 4 hours. The battery can be recharged using either a standard 1-Amp or a premium 3-Amp fast charger. If you go for the premium option, it should take less than 8 hours to fully recharge the battery.

+ Elevation

Adding elevation to your shots will make use of overhead shots and improve your tennis skills. Thankfully, the Freedom’s elevation can be set anywhere between 0 and 50 degrees so you can adjust it to suit your training requirements. The only downside is that it has to be altered manually.

+ Oscillation

The Elite Freedom offers random horizontal oscillation features to improve your lateral movements and ground strokes on the court. When switched on, the random oscillation shoots the ball randomly across the court so you’ll never know where it’s going. To make things even more challenging, pair this with the varying speed and feed rate. It’s also worth mentioning the Freedom’s full corner-to-corner capability. This innovative feature will take your tennis skills to a whole new level.

The Bad

Here are the drawbacks of the Lobster Elite Freedom.

– Poor Batteries

Though the battery pack is designed to last up to 4 hours, a few customers have complained that it drains in less than 2 hours after a couple of uses. This isn’t a great battery life and may prove annoying if you want to enjoy a long practice session. One way around this is purchasing an additional battery and alternating between the two if necessary.

Material & Construction

Like all the Lobster machines in the Elite series, the Freedom has durable plastic construction. This keeps the machine lightweight while still providing the necessary strength to last longer. The launcher also comes with a plastic cover. This can be used to protect the machine during transport and also to protect it from the elements when stored outside or in the garage.

Overall Performance

Overall, the Lobster Elite Freedom is an excellent tennis ball machine and one of the best in its price range. Although it has a couple of flaws, these are certainly outweighed by the machine’s pros and affordable price tag. This ball machine performs well on the court and will certainly improve your tennis game when used regularly.

Who Is It For?

As the Freedom is fully customizable, it’s suitable for all types of player. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced level tennis payer, the Lobster Elite Freedom will help you to improve your game.


With a weight of 35 pounds, the Elite Freedom is one of the most portable machines on the market. If you’re looking for a portable tennis ball machine with excellent features, this launcher will suit you perfectly.



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