Lobster Elite 1 Review

The Lobster Elite 1

If you’re looking for a feature-rich ball machine that’s easily portable, look no further than the Lobster Elite 1. One of the best tennis ball machines on the market, this launcher has amazing durability and range of great features.

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One of the best things about the Lobster Sports Elite One tennis ball machine is that it comes with the features of more advanced ball machines, for a smaller price tag.

If you want to learn more about the Lobster Elite 1 and its features, keep reading.

Technical Details

The dimensions of the Lobster Elite 1 tennis ball machine are 21x14x20 inches and the machine weighs just 42 pounds, making it easy to transport to and from the court and even in and out of your trunk.

Despite its lightweight, the durability of the launcher is not compromised. It’s sturdy enough to withstand transportation and remain in good condition throughout the seasons.

The Elite 1 has a 150-ball hopper and 4-8 hours of battery backup. Of course, the backup time depends on how you use the machine; however, it should last for at least 4 hours, even when using the most intense settings.

It has a feed rate of between 2 and 12 seconds and is easy to customize. The oscillation speed is also changeable, allowing you to set it between 20 and 80mph.

The Lobster Elite 1 is a fairly basic ball machine intended for the repeated practice of shot swings. The ball capacity of 150 balls provides any beginner or intermediate player with enough time to practice before having to stop and refill.

While the machine falls into the ‘basic ball machine’ category, it boasts some advanced features to also satisfy more experienced players.

The electrical elevation can be altered between 0 and 60 degrees; this is comparable with the more expensive ball machines, many of which have a 0 to 50-degree range.

The launcher has 4 different topspin and backspin levels which can be altered via the easy-to-use control panel. The feed interval can be set between 2 and 12 seconds which is standard for all Lobster ball machines.

Unlike more advanced launchers, the Elite One only offers one oscillation mode: random corner to corner horizontal oscillation. While this is fine for beginners, it may be too little for advanced players who want a realistic on-court experience.

The Good

Like all tennis ball machines, the Lobster Elite 1 has some pros and cons. Below, we explore some of its key features.

+ Handy Remote Control

The Elite 1 tennis ball machine comes with optional button remote control. If you’re willing to pay a little bit extra, you can add the remote onto your package and use it to control the oscillation and ball feed rate.

During your practice, you can use the remote to trigger the oscillation motor and aim its feed wherever you like. If you want to adjust the settings, simply turn off the ball feeder and choose your options.

While this can also be done via the control panel, the remote allows you to control and launcher from anywhere on the court.

+ Impressive Battery Life

For a small tennis ball machine, the battery life of the Lobster Elite 1 is impeccable. While the advertised backup time is 4 hours, it can go for as long as 8 hours – depending on how you use it.

When running on its full potential, the battery will last for roughly 4.5 hours. You’ll then have to recharge the battery before using it again. Thankfully, the machine boasts a low-battery indicator, so you’re never caught out during a game.

+ Punchy Top Spin

The Lobster Elite 1 offers an impressive level of topspin. Similar to that of the Half Volley Playmate, the Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five, and the Lobster Sports Elite 3 Portable, the topspin punch makes each shot more challenging. The level of topspin can be adjusted to suit your training requirements.

+ Smooth Oscillation

The oscillation of the Lobster Elite One is very smooth. As it feeds the ball in a random direction, it mimics the motion of a real opponent. The machine does random horizontal oscillation but slowly, giving more advanced players an idea of where the ball will go. However, this won’t be an issue for beginners and intermediate level players.

The Bad

Here are the downsides of the Lobster Elite 1 tennis ball machine.

– Long Recharging Time

While the battery life is impressive, the recharge time is slightly disappointing. It takes 25 hours to fully recharge once it’s flat, which is much longer than similar machines on the market.

– No Assembly Instructions

Unfortunately, the machine doesn’t come with assembly instructions. This means you may find it hard to assemble, particularly if you’re new to tennis ball machines. If you are struggling, you can get around this by watching a tutorial online.

Material & Construction

The Lobster Elite 1 is made from hard-wearing plastic. This keeps the launcher lightweight without compromising its durability. The machine also comes with 2 years’ warranty against manufacturing defects; this allows you to get any defects replaced free-of-charge, providing that it wasn’t your fault.

Overall Performance

Overall, the Lobster Elite 1 is a beginner-friendly tennis ball launcher with a plethora of great features. Despite the low price tag, the machine has similar features to the more advanced machines which allow you to enjoy more for less.

Who Is It For?

The Lobster Elite 1 is best suited to beginner and intermediate level players to improve their tennis game. However, some of the features are suitable for more advanced players who are looking to practice basic skills.


The Lobster Elite 1 is one of the most durable battery-operated machines on the market. Despite being labeled as an entry-level ball machine, it’s also suitable for intermediate players looking to take their skills to the next level. Hopefully this Lobster Elite 1 review will help you make a decision, if you want to improve your game without breaking the bank, the Lobster Elite 1 is a great option.

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