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The Lobster Elite 2 tennis ball machine with remote



Tennis ball machines are the ultimate tool for a tennis player who wants to practice but doesn’t have another partner to do it with.

If you want an excellent tennis ball machine for a reasonable price then the Lobster Sports Elite 2 is a great option. Find out why in my Lobster Elite 2 review.

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The Lobster Elite 2 tennis ball machine is another great launcher from Lobster that comes with a plethora of features and an affordable price tag. Just like the other Lobster series ball machines, the Elite 2 has a classy but durable design.

Designed for maximum durability, this tennis ball machine can tackle wear and tear and remain in top-quality for years to come. If you want to know more about the Lobster Elite 2 and its features, keep reading!

Technical Details

The Lobster Elite 2 is Lobster’s mid-range tennis ball machine. Sandwiched between the Lobster Elite 1 and the Elite 3, the Elite 2 offers similar features to the Elite 3, with a price tag closer to the Elite 1. The combination of this machine’s price and features make it popular amongst tennis players of all sorts.

It offers horizontal, vertical and horizontal AND vertical oscillation with top and backspin options.

Weighing just 44 pounds, this tennis ball machine is one of the lightest on the market. The lightweight makes it suitable for transporting to and from the court, and even in and out of your trunk.

The lightweight profile and ergonomic design don’t just make the machine practical, but they also make it look appealing.

Unlike other tennis ball machines on the market, the Elite 2 doesn’t look too clunky. Mounted on extra-large wheels, it’s also easy to wheel the launcher around the court.

With a feed rate of between 2 and 12 seconds, the Elite 2 simulates the motion of a real player. It can fire out tennis balls at a speed of between 10 and 80mph and can be adjusted to suit your training requirements.

Like the Elite 1, the Lobster Elite 2 has a 150-ball hopper to maximize time on the court without needing to refill.

The machine is battery-powered, and the charger is included with your purchase. When the battery is fully charged it has a backup time of between 4 and 8 hours, depending on how intensely you use the machine.

The Good

Like all tennis ball machines, the Lobster Elite 2 has its pros and cons. Below, we explore some of its key features.

+ Good Value for Money

Compared with similar tennis ball machines on the market, the Lobster Elite 2 boasts great value for money. The machine is reasonably priced and offers plenty of interesting features to improve your playing experience. The launcher comes with everything you’ll need to get started, including the battery charger at no additional cost. Providing that you’ve got a tennis racket and enough balls, you can use the Elite 2 right away.

+ Innovative Oscillation

To improve your gameplay, the Lobster Elite 2 comes with an innovative oscillation feature. The feature includes three variations: side to side, forward and backward, and combo. Below, we explore these in more detail.

Side to Side: During Side to Side oscillation, the machine can feed the tennis balls smoothly from side to side. If you want to mimic the movement of a real opponent, this feature is a must-have.

Forward & Backward: To make you travel forward and backward on the court, the Elite 2 boasts forward and backward oscillation. When turned on, this feature feeds the ballers deeper into the court.

Combo: The combo function provides the best of both worlds. Combining the two oscillations, this feature provides the side to side and forward and backward modes simultaneously.

+ Speed & Feed Rate

The Elite 2 boasts variable ball speed and feed rate. The ball machine fires out the balls at a speed range of 20-80mph. This is more than enough for both beginners and advanced level players, as the speed can be adjusted to suit your preference.

The feed rate can be set as low as 2 seconds or as high as 10. This is the same as the Isam Ultimate Tennis Ball Machine, the Lobster Sports Elite Freedom Machine, and the Lobster Sports Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine. Both the speed and feed rate can be adjusted via the easy-to-use control panel.

+ Good Ball Capacity

The ball capacity is 150 which allows you a good amount of practice session time before you will have to refill it. It is also more than some other ball machines in the price range.

+ Adjustable Spin and Elevation

If you want to challenge yourself on the court, you’ll need a machine with a good level of topspin. Thankfully, the Lobster Elite 2 provides just that. The elevation can be adjusted between 0 and 60 degrees to provide a realistic on-court experience. Like the other settings, these can be adjusted via the control panel or the remote which can be purchased separately.

+ Impressive Power

Like the Lobster Elite 1, the Lobster Elite 2 tennis ball machine has an impressive battery life. When it’s fully charged, the battery has a backup time of between 4 and 8 hours depending on use. If you want to enjoy a longer session, you can transform your Elite 2 so that it runs from AC. To do this, all you need to do is purchase the AC power unit and plug the machine in!

The Bad

Here are some downsides to the Lobster Elite 2 tennis ball machine.

– Additional Cost

If you want to transform your machine into an AC-powered launcher, you’ll need to purchase the AC power unit separately. While this isn’t a necessity, it’s a great option for those who want to play for a long time without worrying about the battery. Some tennis ball machines come with this option built-in however.

You can also purchase a remote to use with the Lobster Elite 2, however, this is also sold separately. While this isn’t uncommon, it would be nice is the remote came as part of the package.

Material & Construction

The body and ball holders of the Lobster Elite 2 model are made out of hard-wearing plastic. This keeps the machine lightweight while also maximizing durability. The launcher also comes with a 2-years solid warranty against manufacturing defects, which is a bonus.

Who Is It For?

With fully customizable settings, the Elite 2 is suitable for tennis players of all levels. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level tennis athlete, the Elite 2 will help to improve your skills.


Overall, the Lobster Sports Elite 2 is a mid-level ball machine with several great features. It gives you a taste of how it feels to play a professional tennis game, without the need for a real opponent. If you’re looking to improve your tennis skills without breaking the bank, this launcher will suit you perfectly.

We hope our Lobster Elite 2 review has been helpful in helping you to decide!

Our Rating: 9.8 out of 10 stars



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