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The Babolat Pure Drive came onto the market in 1994 and has revolutionized the industry. It remains among the most popular and well-known racquets in existence. Even though the design has not really changed since its inception, it still boasts plenty of good traits that will help take your game to the next level. There are many great Babolat racquets but this really is a quality product.

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Several important changes that have been made include widening the string spacing as well as updating the cortex dampening system and redesigning the grommet holes.

Compared to the past versions of the racquet, there is a noticeable bump in the power and spin capabilities of this model. Additionally, there is a decidedly more dampened and muted feel. The Babolat Pure Drive now has a higher shot trajectory, so you’ll be able to revel in watching better-arching balls fly across the court. Your opponent won’t know what hit ’em. You’ll also love the power that this racquet offers; serving up game-winning shots has never been easier, and your serve will be as smooth as butter.

Several testers experienced with this model mentioned a distinguished change, noting that the redesign’s sweet spot is in a new location. While it may take a little bit of an adjustment, leave your old model in the bag, as the good far outweighs the bad.

The Pure Drive is, however, not without flaws. You’ll need to be mindful of harnessing power and the robust trajectory are not to be ignored. The muted response is also an issue for some players. Ultimately, you’ll need to decide if this model is the right one for you, and this review will help in offering the information you need to make that decision.

The Babolat Pure Drive Specifications

  • Length: 69 cm
  • Weight: 318 gm
  • Head size: 645 sq. cm
  • Balance point: 4pts head light
  • Composition: graphite
  • String pattern: 19 crosses
  • Construction: 23mm / 26mm / 23 mm
  • Flex rating range: 0-100
  • Swing weight range: 200-400

The Babolat Pure Drive’s performance can be broken into several categories:

Control and feel

The 2018 version has inherited the GT (Tungsten) from the old model. However, the makers have introduced a Cortex pure feel, which can dampen the response and possibly decrease shock from the stiff frame. This spec translates into a muted response. With that in mind, if you are into drop shots and maneuvering the ball around, the new Pure Drive may not be your best bet. In short, the new model can be too mute for some players to know where the shots are going.

But read on, because there are considerable advantages to this model, and it may just be what you’re looking for! Customer feedback from just about every outlet and channel contain raving testimonials of novices and professionals alike.

The looks

The drive maintains a cool blue color scheme that’ll contrast well against a beautiful sunny sky. While this model is lighter than previous models and offers an appealing aesthetic, some players may feel that it resembles a plastic toy. The design overall looks fresh, but remember: it’s what you do with the racquet that counts.


The Pure Drive is clearly all about power. And who doesn’t love that? This is perhaps the most appealing aspect of this model. Such a characteristic definitely allows you to take your game to the next level.

In a competitive scenario, however, do not be surprised at how low your performance could go. You’ll have to be mindful not to over hit and lose control. Players who have used powerful racquets before can attest to the easiness of over hitting and subsequent loss of control.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t rule out this model just yet. If you are a player who can harness the massive power it offers and then control it properly, the Pure Drive will be your best friend in the field.

Professionals who tested the racquet noted they found a “new weapon” in the Pure Drive by utilizing the power in the areas of serving and returning serves. The boost in power is likely to enable deeper returns while still providing considerable leniency as compared to other racquets.


The newest version of the Babolat Pure Drive boasts improved spin potentiality. As long as you play with high racquet speed, then you can hit any angle with the Pure Drive. So power and spin–you can’t beat that combination.


If you are a player who does not have a problem with sore wrists and elbows, then this model might be perfect for you. On the contrary, players who do have such issues may want to invest in another type of racquet. Why is this the case? The Babolat Pure Drive is one of those relatively stiff and broad-beamed pieces of equipment that doesn’t offer much in the way of comfort, especially for those individuals who suffer from stiffness. It is reasonably dampened, but on the other hand, it may be considered stiff by some.

Also consider this: the vast majority of veteran and professional tennis players who have reviewed, tested, and commented on the racquet’s performance indicated they felt very comfortable with its maneuverability after a short period of adjustment.


The Babolat Pure Drive certainly has its advantages, and for many, it’s a game-changer–literally. With its addictive power and spin, it is a great companion for any player who does not have arm issues.

This racquet could be excellent for players at practically any level. It will offer beginners extra power and ease they may be searching for. Advanced players will take advantage of the ability to sustain control with a higher quantity of spin.

However, as a player, you will need to tame that power. Adding poly strings at high tensions will not help you out with this racquet. If high-powered frames suit you and you desire plenty of spins on your shots, this is your premier racquet. Essentially, if you are the player who needs piercing volleys, heavy, spin-loaded groundstrokes, and big serves, invest in this model and discover a whole new side to your talent. After all, a companion like this will bring out the best in your game.



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