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Endorsed by Venus and Serena Williams, the Wilson Blade 104 is an upgrade from the Blade Team BLX. While both racquets are similar, the Blade 104 has several new and improved features.

Currently, it’s one of the best women’s tennis racquets on the market and it praised for its Amplifeel handle which provides a muted feel.

If you want to know more about the Wilson Blade 104 and its features, keep reading!

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Technical Details

Available in a brand new pink color, the Blade 104 is popular amongst women.

The clever construction allows you to generate a medium to fast swing while still feeling lightweight.

With an extended length of 27.5 inches, you can maneuver around the court with ease and also achieve stability at the time of contact.

Although the racquet is designed for intermediate level players, it has a large head size of 104 square inches and has a solid feel. It is four points headlight and has a stiffness rating of 59 for a smooth transition during a match.

The Good

Like all tennis racquets, the Wilson Blade 104 has some great, and some not so great, features. Below, we explore some of the racquets best bits.

+ Color Scheme

The new color scheme has proved popular – particularly amongst women. Though the design isn’t too fancy, the striking pink color will turn heads on the court.

The racquet has a matte black base color with shiny pink stripes running through it. This contrasts nicely with the natural color of the string bed and the large Wilson logo.

+ Power and Control

The Wilson Blade 104 is similar to the Babolat Aero Pro Drive in terms of power, control, and comfort. The racquet has a natural and responsive feel to it, while still being extremely comfortable to play with.

The 18 x 19 string pattern is designed to improve accuracy and control on the court. Also, the extended length will produce a natural topspin and help you to generate power in your shots.

When combined, the length and string pattern put a nice level of power into the ball. While the frame stiffness is pretty average, the racquet boasts shock and vibration dampening technology.

This prevents discomfort in the hands, shoulders, and elbows and allows you to concentrate on your game.

The large head size is designed to add accuracy to your shots. However, most advanced level players prefer a standard head size with a small sweet shot to improve their natural skills, so the oversized head may put some players off.

The swing weight of the Blade 104 is 310kg. This, combined with the dense 18×19 string pattern improves accuracy by increasing contact time with the ball.

+ Amplifeel Technology

Boasting Amplifeel handle technology, the Blade 104 offers maximum comfort on the court.

The Amplifeel handle is offered by Basalt Fiber (BLX) technology which helps to reduce shock and vibration when hitting the ball. While the handle may seem pretty standard, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The inside of the handle has a thick layer of padding to provide comfort from the moment you pick it up. When the ball comes into contact with the string bed, this padding also mutes the shocks.

+ Volleys and Serves

With the Blade 104, maneuvering around the court has never been easier. Despite its large head size, the racquet has a lightweight feel and head light balance for ease of movement.

Not only is this comfortable, but it also helps to generate pace on the ball when going for serves and volleys. If you enjoy hitting from the baseline, this racquet will help to maximize your power with little effort.

Its large sweet spot and lightweight profile help you to strike those deep groundstrokes with power and efficiency. The string pattern also helps to balance the power and maximizes control when hitting the ball.

If you tend to hit too hard, the racquet will help to adjust your shot for a smooth transition.

The Bad

Below are some of the Wilson Blade 104’s cons.

– Heavy

While the oversized head has many benefits, it does increase the weight of the racquet. As an advanced level player, you may ignore the weight because of its large head size. However, beginners and intermediate players may struggle to swing and generate power on the court.

–  No Color Option

While the black and pink color combination looks great, there’s no alternative color scheme to choose from. This may put off players who don’t want a pink tennis racquet.

– Material & Construction

The Wilson Blade 104 is made from braided graphite and basalt. This gives the frame strength and durability for the best playing experience while also adding flexibility. The dense string pattern adds durability to the string bed to provide control and help you to transfer a high level of power in every shot.

Overall Performance

Overall, the new and improved Wilson Blade 104 is pleasing to use on the court. With better cosmetics and an ideal blend of comfort, power, and control, the racquet is certainly an upgrade from the previous model. The impressive stability and the Amplifeel handle dampen the shocks and vibrations for a comfortable game of tennis.

Who is it for?

The Wilson Blade 104 is designed for intermediate to advanced level tennis players. Despite the oversized head and large sweet spot, the features of the racquet are perfect for professional-level tennis athletes.


If you’re looking for a racquet that provides power, stability, comfort, and control, the Wilson Blade 104 won’t disappoint. Intermediate to advanced level players will get on perfectly with this racquet – and the cool aesthetics are just a bonus!



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