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Endorsed by French Campion Gaël Monfils, the Wilson Ultra Tour 97 is the most accurate racquet in the Ultra range.

With a weight of 305 grams, it’s ideal for intermediate players with a good technique that are trying to gain control.

The racquet is well balanced by a balance shifted to the handle to make it responsive and increase the power and accuracy behind your shots.

If you want to know more about the Wilson Ultra Tour 97, keep reading!

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Technical Details

With this racquet, Wilson combines a classic feel with modern speed and control. Equipped with a thin 21mm beam and a dense 18×20 string pattern, it has a flexible construction but provides the feedback of a traditional player’s racquet.

Weighing just 11.4 ounces when strung, the Ultra Tour 97 swings faster than similar racquets on the market. This makes it particularly user-friendly and suitable for players of all levels.

During groundstrokes, the Ultra Tour is best suited to aggressive players who create their own power. As well as offering pin-point directional control, the racquet feels plush and forgiving for a comfortable game.

The easy handling doesn’t just make the racquet comfortable, it will also bail you out when attempting to strike the ball from a dead sprint.

The Ultra Tour 97 is an excellent racquet for intermediate to advanced level players looking to enhance their skills.

On the court, the racquet’s quick handling will help you to move around freely and create plenty of touch for tight angles. Overall, the Ultra Tour 97 is one of Wilson’s most impressive racquets.

As well as being suitable for power hitters who want to keep the ball in play, it’s outstanding feel and easy acceleration make it suitable for less aggressive players, too.

The Good

Like all tennis racquets, the Wilson Ultra Tour 97 has its pros and cons. Below, we explore some of the racquet’s best features.

+ Enhanced Throat Geometry

Boasting power rib technology, the Ultra Tour 97 has enhanced throat geometry at the crucial bend points of the frame. This offers greater stiffness and stability to generate more power and increased directional accuracy.

+ Customizable

One of the things that set the Tour 97 apart from its competitors is the customizable handle shape. Designed to create a personalized feel, the racquet can be tailored to your needs and can support the modern two-handed backhand.

+ Parallel Drilling

This Wilson racquet uses a different type of string pattern that results in parallel drilling. This technology provides a better hold, greater stability, and less movement of the main strings to increase durability.

+ Controllable Power

The Ultra Tour 97 is the most accurate tennis racquet of the Ultra line. With a 62 cm² head size, the racquet is pretty demanding and will suit players with a good technique that are looking for ball control. The head size will help you to keep the ball inside the court, even when you hit shots full power.

Weighing 305g, the Ultra Tour 97 is well balanced and will help you to achieve heavy and accurate shots from anywhere on the court. Slightly balanced in the shaft, the racquet is exceptionally reactive, particularly when returning, volleying, and counter-attacking. The dense 18×20 string pattern will also help you to achieve power, precision, and ball control.

+ Impressive Groundstrokes

When it comes to groundstrokes, the Tour 97 is packed with potential.

When compared to the Wilson Ultra 100, the racquet offers far better groundstrokes. It also feels great right from the baseline and when combined with the vibration dampening technology, provides a comfortable and muted feel.

Offering a powerful yet controllable response, the racquet helps you to achieve powerful match-winning shots on the court. One of the best things about the racquet is the comfortable hitting experience that it offers.

It helps you to smoothly transition your groundstrokes with control from anywhere on the court.

During a match, you will notice the stiffness of the string which provides superior control and the sweet spot for ease of play.

The racquet also boasts great maneuverability to help you generate extra spin and rattle your opponents. The features of the racquet are tailored towards a counterpunching game style so it will suit aggressive players perfectly.

The Bad

Below, we explore some of the Wilson Ultra Tour 97’s cons.

– One String Pattern

One thing that lets the Ultra Tour down is its single string pattern. To suit a wider variety of players, it would be great if they offered the Ultra Tour in two string patterns: 18×20 and 16×19. For some players, the 18×20 string pattern doesn’t provide as much power as the more open pattern, meaning they can’t get enough trajectory on the court. However, this is of course down to personal preference.

– Overall Performance

While the Wilson Ultra Tour isn’t the fastest racquet in the world, it’s still one of the best models on the market. When compared to previous Ultra models, the racquet has a sturdier feel and provides a higher level of comfort and control on the court.

Who is it for?

The added stiffness in the frame makes the racquet perfect for intermediate to advanced level tennis players. If you’re a beginner, you may be better suited to a flexible racquet.


The Wilson Ultra Tour is ideal for intermediate to advanced level players looking to improve their game. With this racquet, you can feel the ball on the strings without feeling too much vibration. While the racquet doesn’t give you much for free, it will certainly reward players with a good technique that are looking to take their skills to the next level.



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