Yonex Ezone Dr 98 Review

YONEX EZONE 98 Plus - Deep Blue Tennis Racquet (4 1/2" Grip Size)
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Endorsed by ATP player Nick Kyrgios and retired WTA player Ana Ivanovic, the Yonex Ezone Dr 98 is one of the best tennis racquets in the world.

The racquet boasts the perfect combination of spin, control, and feel and is one of the highest-reviewed tennis racquets on the market.

If you want to know more about the Yonex Ezone Dr 98 and its features, keep reading!

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Technical Details

The Ezone Dr 98 enhances the ball speed by 7% with an innovate Zone Speed feature. If you’re already an aggressive player, this will help you to play in a full attacking manner and destroy your opponent.

The inner portion of the racquet is embedded with increased frame snapback technology. Better still, the frame is filled with Nano Metric Dr. material to enhance the racquet’s snapback even more.

Like the Yonex Vcore Duel G 97, Yonex VCORE 95D, and the Yonex Ezone Ai 98 Lite, the Ezone Dr 98 has Quake shut gel material on its handle. This works to dampen the vibrations and add comfort to the grip.

The racquet has a head size of 98 square inches and a length of 27 inches. This, combined with its weight of 310 grams, provides excellent play through on the court.

The Good

Like all tennis racquets, the Yonex Ezone has pros and cons. Below, we explore some of the racquet’s key features.

Dynamic Repulsion

Yonex’s new Ezone Dr Racquet series boasts dynamic repulsion. Featuring all the latest technology, the racquet frames are designed to improve the speed and precision of your game. At 310g, the Ezone Dr 98 is the heaviest racquet in the series. The heavier weight makes it best suited to intermediate level tournament players. The perfectly balanced weight of the Dr 98 makes it particularly suitable for tennis players with long swings. The frame is built from a flexible material for faster and more controlled shots.

The Ezone Dr 98 also utilizes Isometric technology with an improved eyelet system. The new and improved system incorporates both flat and deep eyelets into the frame. This innovative new technology gives the racquet a large sweet spot, despite only having a standard sized head. This allows players to enjoy the game with the best possible control. The Quake Shut Gel technology used in the grip system reduces shock and vibrations for a more comfortable playing experience.


The updated racquet has achieved an insane level of stability and control. The frame isn’t particularly heavy but has a surprising level of stability. As there is no added weight in the frame, players can still move around the court easily without feeling too much weight in the racquet. The combination of the light weight and stability offer the perfect blend of power and control. Regardless of where you are on the court, you’ll be able to hit the ball with plenty of power and maximum accuracy.


Like the Wilson Blade 98, like Yonex Ezone Dr 98 allows you to feel connected with the ball. Consequently, this helps you to maintain a better focus on the game. Also, drop shots, volleys, serves and slices can all be carried out with accuracy and precision. In short, you’ll be able to direct the ball wherever you want on the court and as the racquet is comfortable to hold, you won’t have any issues with your elbows or shoulders. With every shot you take with the Dr 98, you won’t feel any loss of control.

Unique Construction

The unique construction of the Ezone Dr 98 allows you to flex as you make contact with the ball. This then results in a whipping action to provide more power in your return shot. This makes the racquet ideal for players with a smaller stature who want to hit the ball with more power and aggression.


Despite being flexible, the Ezone Dr 98 certainly doesn’t feel flimsy. Instead, the racquet is nicely weighted for maximum power and stability. The frame is lightweight but stable and sturdy to add more power when striking the ball. The string pattern falls into the denser category, allowing you to enough added topspin with every shot. With a length of 27 inches, the racquet is slightly longer than average. This helps to provide more powerful swings and a comfortable feel.

Material & Construction

The Yonex Ezone Dr 98 uses an innovate Nano Metric Dr material in its construction which drastically enhances the racquet’s snapback. Additionally, it adds strength and stability and gives the racquet a lightweight profile.

The Bad

Below, we explore some of the Yonex Ezone Dr 98’s drawbacks.

Not for Advanced Players

While the racquet is great for intermediate players, it’s probably not for professional-level tennis athletes. Typically, advanced players want a racquet that utilizes their natural skills rather than making the game easier.

Satisfactory Design

Despite being known for their eye-catching aesthetics, Yonex hasn’t done much with the style of the Ezone Dr 98. To make the racquet a bit more appealing, we’d like to see some more options for the color scheme.

Overall Performance

Overall, the Yonex Ezone Dr 98 is a sturdy racquet with tons of innovative features. Design aside, there’s not much to complain about. The racquet is a good choice for intermediate players and will certainly help to improve your skills.

Who is it for?

The features of the Dr 98 are best suited to intermediate level players who want to improve their tennis skills whilst enjoying the game. The racquet is also suitable for beginners with basic tennis skills.


If you’re an intermediate level tennis player looking to take your game to the next level, the Yonex Ezone Dr 98 will not disappoint. With a host of impressive features, this racquet will improve your skills and provide hours of on-court fun.

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