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Places To Donate Old Tennis Racquets

Keen tennis players usually go through a lot of equipment each year, including multiple pieces of tennis clothing, tennis shoes, tennis racquets, and tennis balls. When it comes to old tennis racquets, most players will simply throw them into their garage, where they collect dust for several years before eventually going in the bin.

Well, it turns out there are much better options for disposing of your old tennis racquets.  There are many organizations looking for old tennis racquets including charities, schools, universities, tennis clubs, and other community groups.

Giving your old racquets to one of these organizations will mean that an aspiring tennis player who can’t afford to buy their own racquet will have access to the gear they need. In this post, I’ll share a few of the best places to donate your old racquets.

Tennis Without Borders

Tennis Without Borders is a not-for-profit organization that was founded by teaching professional Kelly Gunterman. Kelly realized the need for the organization while teaching tennis in Uganda in 2002.

He noticed that while children were eager to learn tennis, they were playing with old balls and racquets with broken strings. He decided to form the charity to get the kids the better tennis equipment they needed.

The charity’s mission is to ‘Help children worldwide pursue life opportunities on and off the court through the sport of tennis’. In addition to giving kids in Africa free tennis racquets, they provide instruction, shoes, and clothes.

In recent years, the charity has also collaborated with the National Jr Tennis and Learning Centres (NJTL) to help underprivileged children in the United States gain access to sporting equipment. Learn more about Tennis Without Borders.

Kids Serving Kids

Founded in 2007 by Jayson Amos, Kids Serving Kids is a charity dedicated to spreading the joy of tennis to underprivileged kids around the world.

They recycle new and used tennis racquets, sending them to various locations including Puerto Rico, Mexico, California, and Florida. Learn more about Kids Serving Kids.

Kids playing tennis

Islington Play Association

The Islington Play Association is a UK-based organization that has been helping disadvantaged children participate in sport since 1971. The charity accepts a wide range of donations including healthy food, clothing, tools, and sporting goods. Learn more about about the Islington Play Association.

Kids Tennis Foundation

The Kids Tennis Foundation is an Australian charity founded by Paul NcNamee. Established more than 30 years ago, the charity provides tennis coaching for financially and socially disadvantaged children.

The organization uses tennis as a communication tool that raises the self-confidence of those involved while helping them have some fun.

The charity works in partnership with several major corporations and has coached more than 400,000 children over the years. They accept donations of old tennis racquets, which are recycled and given to tennis students. Learn more about the Kids Tennis Foundation.

Local Tennis Clubs

Most local tennis clubs have programs for young children and teenagers who are learning to play tennis. These programs are often looking for tennis equipment including used racquets, balls, and clothing. Contact your local tennis club to see if they are interested in your old racquet.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is one of the world’s largest charitable organizations.

Formed in 1865, by William and Catherine Booth, the organization has a strong focus on helping people in poverty and other traumatic situations. They run soup kitchens, homeless shelters, family tracing services, and much more.

You can donate your old tennis racquets to one of the Salvation Army’s stores. They will sell your racquet and use the money it raises to support their charitable endeavors.

Tennis & Rackets Association

The Tennis & Rackets Association (T&RA) is a registered charity focused on tennis and other racquet sports. Their mission is the advancement of amateur sport for the benefit of the public through the encouragement of participation.

They accept both several forms of donations including sporting equipment like tennis racquets and tennis balls. Learn more about T&RA.

Local schools, colleges, and universities

Most education institutions with a sporting program are happy to receive donated equipment from the community. Simply call any local schools, colleges, or universities with sporting programs, and ask them if they are interested in your old tennis racquets.

Tennis Coaches

Local tennis coaches may also be interested in taking old racquets. They can give your racquets to their students and use them in sporting events.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any other places where you like to donate your old tennis racquets? Let us know in the comments.

Jeremy Barnes

I’ve played tennis since I was 5 years old. I played on my high school team and one year in college before I tore my ACL. It’s been about 3 years now since my injury, and I’ve been able to come back and play in some tournaments. Find out more about me here.

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