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With several top-performing models, Wilson is one of the best tennis racquet brands on the market.

One of their most recent creations is the Wilson Pro Staff 97, an upgraded version of the Pro Staff 95.

With similar specifications and features, you’ll love this racquet if you’re a fan of the earlier model. The Pro Staff 97 has an easier swing with a sturdier, yet lightweight feel.

Not only will this improve comfort on the court, but it will also bring a fresh perspective to your game. If you want to learn more about the Wilson Pro Staff 97 and its features, keep reading!

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Technical Details

The Pro Staff 97 has a small head size of 97 square inches. This makes the racquet slight lighter while providing superior power and control. The head is similar to the Wilson Burn 95; it’s slightly bigger, but it provides the same level of stability and control.

The racquet has a standard length of 27 inches to help you add power to your shots. It weighs 315g unstrung, which is slightly heavier than the previous model.

However, the extra weight allows you to transfer more power into your strike when hitting the ball. The racquet is 10 points head light, comes with a 12.6-inch handle and has a standard string pattern of 16×19.

The Good

Like all tennis racquets, the Wilson Pro Staff 97 has pros and cons. Below, we explore some of the key features of the racquet.

+ Power and Comfort

The Pro Staff 97 has the perfect combination of power and comfort. At the time of contact, it transfers plenty of energy to the ball and the added weight helps to add power to your strike. When you hit the ball off the center, the racquet generates an impressive amount of energy to the ball. Even if you miss the sweet spot, you’ll still be able to unsettle your opponent!

+ Spin and Durability

If you’re a keen tennis player, you’ll know that an open string pattern makes it more difficult to generate topspin. However, the Pro Staff 97 makes it easy to add spin to the ball with extra sturdy control and feel. The solid feel of the racquet makes it suitable for advanced players and helps to add power to your game without scrimping on accuracy – even if you hit the ball off-center.

+ Powerful Groundstrokes

The Pro Staff 97’s combination of spin, power, and maneuverability makes hitting from the baseline easy. Like its earlier model, the racquet has the typical Pro Staff composition but the 97 helps you to feel more connected with the ball. During groundstrokes, you can generate plenty of spin and power to get a cleaner hit.

You’ll also get maximum stability and precision when hitting from the baseline, allowing you to direct the ball wherever you want on the court. The sturdy feel of the racquet keeps you connected with the ball and provides a comfortable and effortless game of tennis.

The spin-friendly string pattern and smooth control provide plenty of options when it comes to hitting the ball. Though the swing weight is lighter than the previous model, the heavier frame helps to add extra power into your shots without compromising stability.

+ Comfortable Volleys

Volleys are a dream with the Pro Staff 97. The racquet provides comfort and easy maneuverability, allowing you to get into position quickly when necessary. Though the racquet doesn’t have cortex technology, it does a good job of dampening shock and vibrations on contact, helping you to achieve some great volleys.

The open string pattern has opened up the racquet and makes it feel more forgiving on the court. Just like you can with groundstrokes, you’ll be able to hit your volleys with a high level of precision. Additionally, the sturdy composition helps you to connect with the ball and provides an amazing response.

+ Impressive Top Spin

You’ll uncover the true spin potential of the Pro Staff 97 when serving. When used properly, the racquet provides maximum precision and impressive topspin. This makes serving with the 97 easy and precise, helping players of all levels place serves anywhere on the court. This precise placement helps to generate extra topspin and pace whilst also boosting your confidence as a player.

The Bad

Here are some of the downsides to the Wilson Pro 97.

– Comes Unstrung

Unlike other Wilson racquets, like the Wilson Blade 104 and 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail, the Pro Staff 97 comes unstrung. For many players, this is a major turn off. After purchasing the racquet, you’ll either need to string it yourself or spend more money for an expert to do it.

– Poor Energy Transfer When Serving

Compared to groundstrokes, the energy transfer when serving with the racquet is quite low. If the racquet had more mass in its head, you’d be able to achieve more power in your serves and baselines.

– Material & Construction

The Pro Staff 97 has a matte black frame with glossy red stripes across the head. The racquet is lightweight but durable, making it super-fast yet powerful on the court. The high-quality construction adds strength to the frame for a crispier feel while the thin beam provides superior comfort and control.

Overall Performance

Overall, the Wilson Pro Staff 97 is excellent on the court. It’s extremely easy to maneuver and has an outstanding performance. The thin beam provides a lightweight feel and helps you to control the ball on the court.

Who is it for?

The racquet is ideal for intermediate tennis players looking to improve their game and professional players who want a fresh perspective.


It takes more than natural talent to excel at tennis. It requires consistency, practice, and the right gear. If you’re hoping to take your game to the next level, the Wilson Pro Staff can help you gain more power and control on the court.



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